• Razer Sabertooth
26FEB 2013

Razer Sabertooth



If you’ve ever thought of a way the Xbox 360 controller could be just a little bit better, Razer has probably put that improvement in their newest controller, the Razer Sabertooth.  Improvements such as six extra remappable buttons, hyperesponsive mechanical ABXY buttons, a vastly better D-Pad, and an OLED screen for feature customization make this arguably the best third party controller for the Xbox 360 and PC.  This is the second iteration of Razer’s console controller, and they’ve taken all the feedback they’ve received from the first to make an already successful product even better.  Having the ability to never take your thumbs off the joysticks and still have access to every other button on the controller alone sold us on this controller.  The flexibility and quality of this controller will make you never want to go back to Microsoft’s default.